About Modern Learners

Modern Learners helps organizational leaders build a culture of learning through community, content, and events. We help you design joyful learning experiences by keeping a focus on learning.

WE Believe…

the purpose of community and events is to grow, change, and learn!
Events facilitate connections.
Connections provide opportunities to learn more.
Learning more together builds community. Building community leads to stronger, more sustainable impact.
Creating sustainable impact generates momentum.
Momentum becomes a movement,
and movements create the change we want to see in the world.

The Modern Learners Lens

We don’t chase fads, buzzwords or buzzphrases, and we raise an eyebrow at cutting edge.

We situate our work in what we call our Modern Learners Lens.

Everything we do at Modern Learners is guided by our beliefs about learning. We believe that learning is defined by wanting to learn more.

At Modern Learners, we pay attention to the modern contexts. We pay attention to what is happening around the world and the impact that will have on your organization’s learning experiences.

Finally, we strive to align our practices with our beliefs about learning and the modern contexts shaping our lived experiences.

Our beliefs, contexts, and practices help us find the clarity we need to keep the focus on learning.

Modern Learners Lens that contains beliefs, contexts, and practices in a venn diagram.