We Need Partners

Partners! We need you! Modern Learner Media wants to partner with other educational consultants because we have reached our capacity, and we want to support our colleagues in doing impactful work. It’s time to find the next right people to become part of our partner team.

We serve people who are creating the conditions for learning through building community, content, and events. You can learn more about what this means on this post.

Building a team with the right partners is very important because it has a huge impact on the culture of Modern Learners.

For that reason, Modern Learners wants to partner with the people who want to do work that makes a difference in schools.

Modern Learners is committed to doing impactful work with state-level organizations. We understand those opportunities are most often made available through the RFP process. Yes, the RFP process is cumbersome and challenging, but we have a plan for that. Modern Learners has enlisted the RFP Success Company to support us in selecting and responding to RFPs we’re most likely to win. With their help, we believe we will be highly competitive in the RFP process, and we believe the best way to expand our capacity is to partner with others who are doing great work.


If you’re interested in the possibilities, watch the video below, and fill out our form. The team appreciates every minute you put into researching and dreaming about how you might partner with and contribute to the work at Modern Learners.