#37: Revolutionizing Education Through Student Empowerment

Templestowe College, or TC as we call it in Victoria, Australia, was built to accommodate 1,000 students. At the start of 2010, those numbers had dwindled down to just over 200. Peter Hutton took on the challenge of rebuilding the school, despite severe challenges. Today, you will get to hear the story of the past 7 years, and how Peter revolutionized one school by testing assumptions and changing the way they thought about education.

TC desperately needed a new brand and a new vision. Peter was longing to see how a school could actually nurture their students while also instilling in them the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in life. Peter will describe for you today how those logistics play out for TC students today. We will also discuss how the students, parents, and staff have all responded to the changes over the past 7 years. TC is producing committed, happy students with impressive work ethic and a thirst for learning. Peter claims that culture was built from the top down, and now he is working to consult with other schools to try and scale these principles for everyone to use.

Peter will be the first to say that the world does not need more TCs. He is excited about a future of education where it is guided by a vision of support and respect for students. We can learn a lot from administrators and visionaries like Peter!


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Templestowe College

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