#31DaysIBPOC with Dr. Kim Parker

Bringing you today’s podcast guest, Dr. Kim Parker, brings me great joy! Dr. Kim Parker is a co-founder of #disrupttexts as well as a co-founder of the #31daysIBPOC project which we will discuss in great detail.


Dr. Kim reminds us that teaching is political. To shy away from the idea of teaching being political means to divorce ourselves from our identities, and that is unjust. In this conversation we work to elevate the contributions our colleagues of color make to the field, their communities, and to the lives of the children they serve.

Together we explore how the project came to be. Shout out to Dr. Kim’s co-founder Tricia Ebarvia, who we featured in episode 72. According to Dr. Kim, Tricia gets things done. They managed to bring this project together in just a couple of weeks. They are hopeful that school leaders will reference this body of work for staff development and ongoing conversations about anti-racsim. Dr. Kim also encourages people to reach out the writers for keynotes and in person experiences. And, if you want to send them a cup of coffee through Venmo, that would be great too.

Towards the end of our conversation, we begin discussing COVID-19 and the impact it is having. Dr. Kim makes mention that more black and brown people are dying of the disease than any other groups. That is not okay. She begs listeners to read the history and recognize we are preserving the same unjust systems, and we need to stop. She’s also worried about her Asian-American friends and the unjust acts they have been and will likely continue to experience.

Dr. Kim encourages people to pay attention to who is writing what they are reading. For me, following the writers from the #31daysibpoc project completely changed my Twitter feed. The algorithm that is now served to me is much more diverse, and I see lots of colleagues of color sharing their brilliance. I’ve learned so much. You can too.

Be sure to read the writers and share frequently on social.

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