Melissa Emler (Missy is spoken language) is a relentless advocate for learning. She facilitates meaningful conversations, and through these conversations, she fosters a sense of belonging as she supports members in feeling seen and heard.

02. The Immunity to Change Framework: Identifying Your Hidden Commitments

In today’s world, personal growth and transformation are crucial for success and happiness. But often, we find ourselves struggling to make lasting changes. In Episode 01, we introduced the Modern Learners Lens, likening it to a kaleidoscope where beliefs, contexts, and practices come together to create a vibrant, harmonious learning culture. Today, we are going …

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01. The Modern Learners Lens

Many people think they know what learning means, but often these beliefs go unexamined and can be oversimplified or even misleading. Our intentions are usually honorable when we think of learning. But when these good intentions result in total or partial failures, we are disappointed and puzzled. We direct blame to various factors. Rarely do …

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Learning to Change: Trailer

Change is hard. It’s hard enough when you’re trying to break a bad habit or work toward a new goal, but leading change in your organization? That can feel impossible. So why is change so difficult? What most people don’t see when they acknowledge that a change is necessary is the competing commitments that work …

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world book day recommendations

World Book Day Recommendations

What a better time to share the books near and dear to me and my work at Modern Learners than on World Book Day? The team relies on some awesome books to inform the work that we do in the community, content, and event space. First, let’s talk books about community. Peter Block’s book Community: …

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decorative image with title of the post 66 questions to ask when designing an event

66 Event Design Questions

At Modern Learners, we believe the purpose of events is to grow, change, and learn! In order to design an effective learning event, we start by asking our clients a lot of event design questions. We want you to be successful. We know events facilitate connections. Connections provide opportunities to learn more. Learning more together …

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decorative image with blog title designing learning events

Designing Learning Events

Intentionally designing learning events sits at the core of what our team at Modern Learners does on a daily basis. Events are a component of what Modern Learners believes to be the future of learning. This component needs care and attention because when organization’s miss the mark on this, people are snoozin’ and losin’! You’ve …

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Decorative Image with Word Learning As a A Retention Strategy

Learning As A Retention Strategy?

No organizations are safe from the era of great resignation. However, I’m starting to understand organizations that focus on learning might have the best retention strategy. Organizations have a big task. Some of the barriers learning organizations faced before the pandemic are even more prevalent now. They must continue to support their people, and right …

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#31DaysIBPOC with Dr. Kim Parker

Bringing you today’s podcast guest, Dr. Kim Parker, brings me great joy! Dr. Kim Parker is a co-founder of #disrupttexts as well as a co-founder of the #31daysIBPOC project which we will discuss in great detail. Dr. Kim reminds us that teaching is political. To shy away from the idea of teaching being political means …

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