#62 – A Truly Global School

A lot of schools tout a “global curriculum,” but not many can say that they have a truly global campus. But that’s what “Avenues: The World School” is building. With physical campuses in New York City and Sao Paulo, a Shenzen, China opening this fall, schools developing in Miami, Silicon Valley, London, and Mumbai, and now an online campus for grades 6-12, Avenues may be the first school to truly span the world.

In this podcast, Tim Carr, Co-Head of the Avenues Online campus not only discusses the ambition of sharing a common experience of school across continents, but also about how to bring “transformative” change to traditional schools as well. As the former head of the Jakarta Intercultural School, Carr turned a highly successful traditional school into an even more successful progressive school.

Be sure to explore the Avenues World Elements (pictured here) as one example of what it means to have a clear roadmap for the outcomes that you want your students to achieve. Make sure to click on a few of the boxes to get a picture of what they’ve tried to do to build not only common language but also common practice.

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