Will Richardson

Co-founder of Modern Learners, author, speaker, instigator, surfcaster, husband, and father to two amazing young adults. Currently advising the work of Modern Learners while also asking Big Questions at the Big Questions Institute.

Your Attention, Please

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I found ourselves wandering around a real bookstore, the kind with actual books in it, reminding ourselves what print on paper actually looks like. It’s not that neither of us no longer read paper books, we still do. (The local library is about 50 steps from our …

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Are We All Powerless?

It’s interesting, to me at least, that whenever I have conversations about the role of power in school cultures, it seems everyone feels powerless. Students, who sit at the bottom of the “power org chart,” feel they have little or no ability to influence the ways in which they experience school. School isn’t a choice …

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#74 – The Power of Learners with Sylvia Martinez

http://media.blubrry.com/modernlearners/content.blubrry.com/modernlearners/Sylvia_74_final.mp3 We’re in our second week of exploring power and power relationships in schools which is a topic that I don’t think we reflect on nearly enough in schools. (Here’s the first “power” podcast with Rob Fried.) There’s an inherent tension when it comes to learning and power, namely how much power do you as …

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Power and Change in Schools

“Existing power relationships in schools are part of the problem and can never be part of the solution.” ~Seymour Sarason, Revisiting The Culture of The School and The Problem of Change A few years ago in a Q&A session with a group of about 40 teachers at a school outside of Detroit, one teacher raised …

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