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Change.School is Ready for You. Are You Ready for Change.School?

change.schoolIn our newest podcast, Will and Bruce discuss the new Change.School learning community, and they talk about the history of Modern Learners and how it’s led to this new push to raise the bar on reimagining schools. It’s a little bit of backstory, but it’s a lot of how we got to the “How?”

Change.School has its genesis in the thousands of conversations that Will and Bruce have had with leaders from around the world who are guiding change projects in their schools. In fact, it’s built on the idea that despite being really hard work, reimagination is possible, that the ingredients are clear, but that every school is on it’s own unique path to change. Right now, building leadership capacity to do high-bar change in existing schools is where the most important work in education lies.

The notes for this episode are short because everything you really need to know can be found at Yes, .school is now an extension!

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