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#49: Dr. Joe Sanfileppo discusses Relationships, Leadership and Learning

In episode 49 of the Modern Learners podcast, Missy and Lyn talk with Superintendent Dr. Joe Sanfileppo of the Fall Creek School District in Wisconsin. Joe is known in educational leadership circles as “the relationships guy,” a dynamic school leader who speaks often about the role of relationships in learning and who celebrates loudly the accomplishments of his teachers, students, and community. The #gocrickets message is more than just a hashtag, but a rallying spirit around the ideals this school community stands for. Throughout this podcast we talk with Joe about:

*ownership of learning throughout the organization

*how teachers share their learning at Fall Creek

*buy-in vs. trust

*the need to provide time, resources, and opportunities for learners and adults

*making ownership of learning a priority in a time of standardization and mandates

*his belief in the power of affirmation to approach critical conversations about learning


Resources mentioned:

The Power of Moments (Chip & Dan Heath)

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