Dr. Nicki Newton on Math Dispositions

I’m excited to bring you my conversation with Dr. Nicki Newton. Dr. Nicki is a renowned writer and education consultant who works with schools around the country on elementary math curriculum. She has authored over 20 books on a variety of math topics. She’s most known for her work on guided math and math running records. In her math identity story, she shares that her books have been a glimpse at her own math learning journey. She leaned heavily on everything she learned in her literacy roles early in her career. Today we talk about equity in math classrooms, teacher training, and making math relevant with real problems in real communities. You can hear Dr. Nicki’s passion and energy as she shares her love of learning and math.

Dr. Nicki’s Math Mentions

A few things Dr. Nicki Newton mentions in our conversation:

Mathematical Dispositions Padlet

Mathematizing Your School

Strategic Teacher


Peter Liljedahl on Vertical, Erasable Spaces

Dr. Nicki on YouTube

Dr. Nicki also has a great YouTube channel. She mentioned after the podcast that she loves to make videos for YouTube, and she plans to grow her channel to support teachers in the months and years to come. She mentioned she’s a huge fan of the beaded number line. Check out her video explaining all the benefits of the beaded number line.

Interested in hearing more about math on the podcast? Be sure to check out our episode with Eli Luberoff, founder of Desmos. We also interview Conrad Wolfram. You can listen to it here.

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1 thought on “Dr. Nicki Newton on Math Dispositions”

  1. What a treat! Dr. Nicki is amazing. I was expecting a presentation about equity, but instead she *demonstrated* what equity is all about. Good learning and teaching! I’ve been involved in math education for 45 years and I would love to go to a workshop she’s giving so I could learn from her!

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