ISTE a Wrap!

Last week, one of the premier edtech events in the world took place in San Antonio, and it was our good fortune (Bruce, Missy, and I) to all be in attendance at the ISTE 2017 conference with about 16,000 others. In this podcast, Bruce and I reflect on the love/hate relationship we both have with the conference, and on ISTE’s historical context as we reach a half a century of living with the idea of computers for learning with kids.

We also entertain our very first SpeakPipe comment and question, one from Cheryl Doig in New Zealand who made us think about the humanity of technology and ISTE and edtech in general. We invite you to add your questions or comments below, and we’ll weave them into our discussion next week.

Some quick links:

Taking IT Global is Michael Furdyk’s amazing site for social justice and great projects for students who want to change the world.

The ISTE17 conference page.

Our conversation at ISTE17 with Michael and Gary Stager.

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