#31: Cold Shower Keynotes

Building on Bruce’s post earlier this week,  in our latest podcast we dive a little deeper into the expectations we bring to keynotes and presentations at large (or small) conferences. Do we want to be affirmed? Challenged? Both?

Our feeling is that it’s incumbent upon those with a platform to use it to provoke a different conversation about education and schooling at a moment where so many of the contexts for teaching and learning are shifting profoundly and quickly. While there is no question that the teaching profession is under assault from all sides, and we need to support and affirm the profession every chance we get, we also have to come to terms with the fact that the value of the school and teacher is changing and that now is the time to discuss what “the right thing to do” is in a modern context.

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Next week, look for a Facebook Live Podcast session with Scott Looney, the head of the Hawken School and the founder and board chair of the Mastery Transcript Consortium, a new effort to reimagine assessment in schools. Mark your calendars!

When: Wednesday, December 19th at 3 pm Eastern.
Where: Modern Learners Facebook Page

And we’ve got some big plans for 2018!

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