#51: From Old School to Change School

Modern Learners Podcast

Change School alumni Mark Heintz joins Bruce and me in another episode of the Modern Learners Podcast. (This week is open enrollment for Change School 6. Join us!)

Mark is a Teaching and Learning Facilitator at Elk Grove High School in Illinois. Tired of viewing success only by a score. he and other school leaders at Elk Grove are pushing the boundaries, refocusing on learning, and bringing back the autonomy to teachers and students.

Change School Alumni Mark Heintz Elk Grove High SchoolBig Questions Facing Educators

Mark opens up on a number of topics regarding schools and education. He also shares some personal stories of how he and his colleagues are grappling with some of the big questions that are facing educators regardless of where they are in the world. For example, “What could I change?” and “Why should I change?”

The Collab Lab Blog

Mark writes an almost daily blog for The Collab Lab (@EGCollabLab), a community of learners–staff, students, and parents–who partner to transform learning across the school, District 214 and beyond.

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