#63 – Gary Stager: “The Project Can Replace the Instruction”

For over 30 years, Gary Stager has been at the forefront of those arguing for a more constructionist approach to learning. In this podcast, he discusses the power and importance of letting students experience learning by doing in every interaction with school.

Gary has been greatly influenced by the work of Jean Piaget, Seymour Papert, and many others. His keynotes and presentations around the world continually push people’s thinking about the ways in which children and adults learn most powerfully and deeply.

Don’t forget to check out Gary’s Constructing Modern Knowledge Summer Institute which will be held July 16-19 in Manchester, NH. Now in its 12th year, CMK is a unique, deep-dive into learning unlike any other featuring amazing speakers and thought-provoking ideas for classroom practice.

Gary’s Blog
Constructing Modern Knowledge Press
Gary on Twitter
Watch the live webinar/podcast interview with Gary on Crowdcast

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3 thoughts on “#63 – Gary Stager: “The Project Can Replace the Instruction””

  1. Rudy Torres

    Thank you for the thoughtful and provocative conversations. Your podcasts are a part of my morning and preparation. In many respects, as a school leader I reflect on your discussions and prepare myself to engage my staff with thoughtful reflective questions.

    Thank you

    1. Lyn Hilt

      We appreciate that feedback, Rudy! If you have any suggestions for future blog post or podcast topics, please let us know!

      1. Is it possible to publish the transcripts from these podcasts?

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