#67 – Creating a New Story of Learning With Mary Anne Moran and John Clements

Nipmuc Story

If you listened two our previous two podcasts on the topic of “story” I think you’ll agree that we educators are at an interesting spot when it comes to the way we think and talk about education and schooling moving forward. The old story that you have to be somewhere at a particular time with a particular teacher with a particular group of kids who are your same age from your same neighborhood to learn a particular curriculum at the same pace and be assessed the same way is breaking, not only because it makes little sense in a learning context, but because the world doesn’t operate that way any longer. The question is, what do we as educators do to create a new story, a new way of thinking about what the experience of school looks and feels like for this latest generation of kids?

Few educational leaders are better positioned to answer that question than Mary Anne Moran and John Clements, co-principals of Nipmuc High School in Upton, Mass. Over the last three years, they have led a powerful process to create a coherent story of learning for their students that is increasingly different from the one most schools are telling. John and Mary Anne are alums of our Change School program, but more impressively they were named 2017 state principal and 2016 assistant principal of the year respectively. And their high-energy, inclusive approach to generating important and powerful conversations around learning in their school community are unparalleled in my experience.

As you’ll hear in this conversation, while every school story and journey is unique, there are a number of important starting points that all leaders can take right away to begin the process of creating and telling a new story of learning.

And hey – we know you’ll learn a lot from listening to John and Mary Anne in this episode, but if you’re looking for a deeper learning experience, why not enroll in the course they’ve designed, which is available NOW:

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Launching Modern Learning: First Year Strategies for Change

Creating an aspirational vision for school is exciting and inspiring work; however, it can be difficult to know where to begin in the journey to reimagine school.

You need support in your effort to redesign your school as well as actionable strategies that can be borrowed, adapted, and put into place. Our Launching Modern Learning course is designed to help you go from ideas to action.

Learn firsthand from John and Mary Anne through the engaging modules they’ve designed for you. There’s much to read, see, and do in this course. The course content will challenge your thinking, inspire you, and leave you with practical takeaways you can implement immediately. It’s the perfect learning opportunity for school teams, too!

No matter your “first” – first time in a new leadership position, first year launching a change initiative, or in your first steps of reimagining the school experience for your students, this course is for YOU.

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