AR, VR, AI, and BS: The Modern Learners Podcast, ISTE17 Edition

Greeting from San Antonio, where Bruce, Missy, and I are gathering for our second Change School retreat, our first Change School Social, and, of course, the mammoth #ISTE17 conference where something like 17K educators from around the world are getting the latest about technology and how to (or how not to) use it in the classroom.

Full disclosure, ISTE is always a bit of a love hate for Bruce and I, and you’ll get that sense in this episode. The conference is always heavy on tech but, in our minds, light on real learning. Rare are the discussions truly about creating agency for the learner and letting them do amazing things that change the world. (Hence the Papert quote below.)

We hope you enjoy Episode #17 from ISTE17.

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