#21: Is College a Risk?

Is it now riskier for some people to go to college right out of high school than instead to take some time off, do apprenticeships, or create a unique path to expertise? That’s the question that Seth Godin asked in a recent podcast, and the core of this week’s Modern Learners podcast conversation between Bruce and Will.

Specifically, Seth’s quote was “I can clearly show you that going $200 in debt to go to a standard college, to get a standard education, to learn how to do average stuff for average people is way riskier than a motivated, intelligent person spending those same four years doing something else.”

While college is still a viable and useful path for many students, we explore the ramifications of the expense, the depth to which the college narrative is engrained in our expectations, and what some of the alternatives might be.

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Links from this episode are below.

Don Wettrick’s interview with Seth Godin.

Bryan Alexander on doomsayers in higher ed.

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Deep partisan divide on higher education.

The impact of student debt on the economy.


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