When Leaders Leave Can Change be Sustained?

What needs to be in place for high-bar change initiatives in schools to sustain when the leader of that change initiative retires or moves to another school or district? That’s the question Bruce and Will discuss in Episode #14 of the Modern Learners Podcast.

Too often, “hero leadership” is the driver of change. Not often enough are there cultures that feel deeply invested in change that can not only survive a change at the top but also drive the process to replace them. This includes building capacity in teachers, students, and especially parents to understand a new narrative of schooling and advocate for consistency and coherence in that vision from one leader to the next.

Building that culture takes time and intention, and Bruce and Will discuss some practical ways to make that happen. Because the last thing anyone wants to have happen at the moment leadership leaves is that the people on the bus begin to panic about reaching their destination.

Also in this episode, a first blush discussion of Mary Meeker’s important annual report on Internet Trends that has huge implications for education and educators.

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