#26: Alternatives to Assessment

With all of the problems associated with standardized testing and school assessments in general, is it finally time to start a different conversation about how we assess learning in schools? That’s the question that Will and Bruce discuss on this our 26th episode of the Modern Learners podcast.

This conversation stem from a post from Bruce a few weeks ago titled The Testing Emperor Finally Has No Clothes which raised some hackles on the Interwebs. In this discussion, we cover the myths of assessing learning, take a look at ways in which different countries and provinces are rethinking testing, and talk about some of the alternatives for standardized and traditional assessments. And, we talk a lot about what common sense looks like when it comes to grades and assessments of kids and teachers in schools.

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Some of the links discussed in this episode:

Beyond Testing: Seven Assessments of Students and School More Effective Than Standardized Tests by Deb Meier

The Case Against Grades by Alfie Kohn

Assessment by Alfie Kohn

A Good Prompt is Worth 1,000 Words by Gary Stager

Constructing Modern Knowledge

Mastery Consortium

High Tech High Student Exhibitions

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  1. Emperor has reached the point of self realization- it is now time to celebrate for a new set of wardrobe which is on the way.

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