#32: Words Matter, and an End of the Year Wrap Up

Happy Holidays everyone, and welcome to the final Modern Learners podcast for 2017. We’ve really enjoyed putting these together, and we hope you’ve enjoyed listening to them even more.

This week, Bruce and I cover a couple of different topics. First, we pull back some of the layers around the language we use in schools, building on this week’s blog post on the topic. And second, we announce our first annual ML Podcast Award winners for Word of the Year, Book of the Year, and EdTech Trend of the Year, as well as discuss what the outlook is for change in the New Year.

Remember, if you like what you’re hearing, do us a favor and head on over to iTunes and give us a review. We’ve got a good start, but would love your help. Also, tell your friends to listen!

Finally, warm wishes for an amazing holiday from all of us at Modern Learners, Bruce, Lyn, Missy, and me. It’s been an amazing year for us due in large part to your continued support of our work. So, thanks again.

We have some big plans for 2018! See you in the New Year!

Show Notes:

Scott Looney interview replay
The Importance of Common Language blog post.
Our consensus choice for Book of the Year
Bruce’s second choice for Book of the Year
Audrey Watters’ post

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