#45: Watching our Kids Too Closely


Do we have an evaluative gaze in schools?

In this episode, Bruce and I discuss a powerful essay written by Carol Black titled Children, Learning, and the Evaluative Gaze of School, one that discusses the very real effects on kids of a culture of surveillance and assessment. Some of the questions we kick around:

  • Why have we gotten to this point where we want to monitor and assess every mood and movement of kids?
  • How do we provide more of a balance for students between their school and personal lives?
  • How do we break out of traditional narratives and habits to start with a different question?
  • How do we start with the question “Is this good for kids?”
  • How do we start a process for bringing people together to hold different conversations around our interactions with kids?

We also chat about some first steps that school leaders might take to create some new conversations forward in their communities.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Will Richardson

Co-founder of Modernlearners.com and Change School. Author, speaker, instigator, surfcaster, husband, and father to two amazing young adults.


  1. That is what anecdotal records are all about. It is a baggage children unknowingly carry throughout their school lives. What if we address the issue and its cause more than noting down what is wrong.? We need counsellors trained as life coaches in schools more than anywhere else.

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