#24: Culture of Change

If you can change the culture of a huge business that has over 124,000 employees, does that mean you can change the culture of schools that in many cases have only a few hundred, or in some cases a few dozen employees?

That’s the question Bruce and Will kick around in this the 24th episode of the Modern Learners podcast. They do a pretty deep dive into a profile of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in Fast Company, pulling out the key culture changing moves that he’s made in his five-year tenure, and reflecting on Bruce’s long consulting relationship with Microsoft over the first 15 years of this century. (Yes, Bruce has pow-wowed with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.)

After that, they discuss the recent news that one large Maryland district has gone back to a letter grading system at the behest of frustrated parents. It’s a bit of a different discussion from Will’s post on the same subject in this week’s Shifting Conversations piece, and Will coins a new phrase that represents how most schools go about this business: “change in a vacuum.”

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