Learning to Change: Trailer

Change is hard.

It’s hard enough when you’re trying to break a bad habit or work toward a new goal, but leading change in your organization? That can feel impossible.

So why is change so difficult?

What most people don’t see when they acknowledge that a change is necessary is the competing commitments that work in our subconscious to keep us right where we are because it’s comfortable.

When we identify our competing commitments and work to debunk our old assumptions, we can discover a path forward.

I’m Melissa Emler, Chief Learning Officer at Modern Learners. I’ve spent 20 years in schools and classrooms. I’ve participated in, and even led, countless continuous improvement initiatives that fell flat.

A few years back, I adopted my mantra: I’m not asking you to change, I’m asking you to learn. And you know what? Change–transformative, meaningful change–is exactly what happens when people embrace learning.

Today, my team and I at Modern learners help organizations create cultures of learning so that they can get unstuck, move forward with confidence, and achieve their goals.

Learning to Change is a podcast about the transformative power of learning. We share stories and interviews that showcase how learning leads to change and growth so that you can apply these lessons in your organization. We help you break down barriers to learning and make learning the cultural DNA of your team.

With a shared passion for learning and a wealth of experience in professional development, our goal is to help you unlock your full potential and drive meaningful change in your life and your organization.


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