Melissa Emler (Missy is spoken language) is a relentless advocate for learning. She facilitates meaningful conversations, and through these conversations, she fosters a sense of belonging as she supports members in feeling seen and heard.

#52: Literacy, Libraries and Making with Heather Lister

Teacher-librarian and Senior Fellow for the Foundry Makerspace Heather Lister joins us for a conversation around this month’s Modern Learners Community theme: modern literacy. Heather provides valuable insights on the changing role of libraries as she works to fulfill her mission of “abolishing the stereotype of libraries and librarians.” In this podcast we discuss copyright …

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#24: Culture of Change

If you can change the culture of a huge business that has over 124,000 employees, does that mean you can change the culture of schools that in many cases have only a few hundred, or in some cases a few dozen employees? That’s the question Bruce and Will kick around in this the 24th episode …

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#23: Of Hurricanes and Agency

It’s been a while since our last podcast, partly by design and partly due to travels to islands during hurricane season. (Smart move.) But regardless, we’re back with our 23rd episode! If you haven’t noticed, we want to push the conversations that we’re having about education to a higher level, and so much of that …

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#22: The Quitter Economy

So, what does work look like for our kids: A career means a string of jobs at different companies. So workers respond in kind, thinking about how to shape their career in a world where you can expect so little from employers. In a society where market rules rule, the only way for an employee …

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#21: Is College a Risk?

Is it now riskier for some people to go to college right out of high school than instead to take some time off, do apprenticeships, or create a unique path to expertise? That’s the question that Seth Godin asked in a recent podcast, and the core of this week’s Modern Learners podcast conversation between Bruce …

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internet trends

Are Your Schools Tracking These “Trends” on the Internet?

What are the “Internet Trends” that educators need to wrap their brains around? That’s the question Will and Bruce kick around as they take a deep dive into Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report released last week. They don’t discuss all 355 slides in the report, but they do pick out several top level themes and discuss the …

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Overcoming Obstacles

In this new podcast episode, Will and Bruce discuss the barriers to making change happen in schools. First, they reflect on the work they have done with school leaders recently. They often begin work with school leaders by asking the leaders to identify the barriers to school change. Before they get too far, it is …

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Change School Enroll Today

Change.School is Ready for You. Are You Ready for Change.School?

In our newest podcast, Will and Bruce discuss the new Change.School learning community, and they talk about the history of Modern Learners and how it’s led to this new push to raise the bar on reimagining schools. It’s a little bit of backstory, but it’s a lot of how we got to the “How?” Change.School has …

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Modern Learners Podcast

Modern Learners Podcast Welcome to the Modern Learners podcast. We are excited to be launching this podcast as a way of connecting with our community. We’ll use this medium to give you a glimpse into the discussions we have at Modern Learners with each other and others in the education space doing interesting work We …

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