Tech Trends to Watch (for Self-Directed Learners)

There are technology trends, and then there are learning with technology trends. Too often, the two fail to overlap. Audrey Watters fills us in on what’s trending now in terms of technologies to help our students develop into the agile, self-directed learners they need to be in the new, globally connected world.

What You Should Know This Week

Facebook Buys a Virtual Reality Company. Each week, Educating Modern Learners will pick one interesting current event — whether it’s news about education, technology, politics, business, science, or culture — and help put it in context for school leaders, explaining why the news matters and how it might affect teaching and learning (in the short …

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Yoga Balls in Rows

I came across an apt metaphor for change in schools a few months ago. An administrator told me excitedly that they had been giving students some say in ways in which their classrooms were outfitted, and that one class had chosen to use yoga balls to sit on instead of the traditional hard plastic (or …

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