They’ve been Promoted!

Will and Bruce have been “Promoted”! I’m in my office working on building out next month’s MLC theme (blogs, podcasts, and more) AND finalizing the details of getting three new courses shipped for our community. Yes, I’m working really hard while Bruce is likely swimming with the sharks, and Will is likely headed to Tuck’s …

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emotional boy

A Parent’s Guide to Prioritizing Emotional Well-Being

These headlines are one reason emotional intelligence is one of the most desired 21st Century skills:  “What’s Lost When We Rush Kids Through Childhood” Emily Kaplan, Edutopia, George Lucas Educational Foundation, September 4, 2019 “We Have Ruined Childhood” Kim Brooks, NY Times Sunday Review, August 17, 2019 “Teen Depression and Anxiety: Why the Kids Are …

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Your Attention, Please

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I found ourselves wandering around a real bookstore, the kind with actual books in it, reminding ourselves what print on paper actually looks like. It’s not that neither of us no longer read paper books, we still do. (The local library is about 50 steps from our …

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Are We All Powerless?

It’s interesting, to me at least, that whenever I have conversations about the role of power in school cultures, it seems everyone feels powerless. Students, who sit at the bottom of the “power org chart,” feel they have little or no ability to influence the ways in which they experience school. School isn’t a choice …

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